Questions and answers

You have questions about how to pay, how to buy or about Creative Pillow? Here is some frequently asked questions.

If in this questions answers you won’t find the answer - you can at any time contact us by using the contact form or write us an email.

  • Won’t the drawing wash out?

    No. Drawings painted with textile paint (unlike the print technique) stays for a very long time as the fabric absorbs the paint and doesn’t remains on its surface. After painting is done all the products goes through thermal processing which helps secure the drawings.

  • Can you draw the image I want?

    Yes, sure! Our awesome designer will help you to realize any ideas that you have. To create your own design - please send us a request through section “Create your own design” and for sure soon we’ll become friends!

  • Can I add names or something else to existing design?

    Yes, of course! Just send us your ideas and wishes through section Create your own design and we’ll answer to you really soon!

  • Where and how bedding produces?

    Every piece is really handmade as we use only our hands, scissors and sewing machine. :) That’s why every bedding set and couple pillowcases are unique. We are little design studio based in Latvia where we doing everything by our self.

  • What if I didn’t find the right size?

    Don’t worry! We are ready for it! For each good you can just choose “Custom Size” option and write the size you need.

  • What If I like everything? :)

    If you can’t choose which exactly drawing you like - than choose Surprise!

    We will draw something completely new or something that we already have and love a lot. And will send it to you! :)

    You won’t know what’s inside until you’ll open the parcel!

  • I don’t have time to wait, I need this gift today!

    We are flexible! So don’t worry and don’t be shy to call us and say that you have extremely important event and you need gift really fast! We’ll try to help you.

  • Can I buy a gift cart?

    Sure you do! We are really serious guys that’s why we have also gift cards! Just go to Gift Card section.

  • Can I make a return?

    Yes you can make a return within 14 days after delivery. Except you had custom order or any personal customization on your bedding set or pillowcases.